The Benefits of Sustainable Printing

Sustainable printing is a new printing technique that uses less ink and paper for the same amount of quality. It is a way to reduce the environmental footprint of printing.

Sustainable printing is a new printing technique that uses less ink and paper for the same amount of quality. It is a way to reduce the environmental footprint of printing.

This new technique has been around for a few years now, but it is still not widely used. The reason behind this is that companies are reluctant to change their practices and they also don’t want to spend extra money on this new technique. But as time goes by, more companies are adopting sustainable printing because it makes them more environmentally conscious and saves them money in the long run.

Sustainable printing uses less ink and paper than traditional methods. In traditional printing, a printer will on average use five to six grams per square meter of paper, this means that the printer will use up to 6 kilograms of ink per print run — that’s a lot of ink! The worst bit about this is that this ink creates lots of harmful chemicals when it’s made, and these chemicals are also re-released when the print is thrown away (if it’s not recycled).

Let’s make the change.

We know that it’s not easy to remove ourselves from habits that have grown for years and years, and making the change from normal inks & paper to more sustainable options will take time. Still, it is necessary if we want to create a greener planet for the generations that come after us.

Here at Studio Nine, we try our best to provide high-quality products, that not only look great, but that are also great for the environment.

So, why is sustainable printing becoming an important business?

Resource Efficiency

Eco-friendly printing uses less invasive and resources consuming materials than traditional printing. An example of this is the use of LED bulbs for drying inks, these bulbs require little warm-up time, therefore reducing energy use. Not only are LED bulbs great for energy costs, but they also emit little to no Infrared light or ozone, meaning they are generally great for the environment.

The other main resource used in printing is paper or cards. Our eco-friendly range contains different materials, all of which are great for the environment. We offer stocks such as our Kraft paper, which is 100% recycled, and also our Bio Top Paper, which is also 100% biodegradable. Ensuring we make the step towards using recyclable materials is especially important when often we are printing large runs of thousands of prints, when that is added up, it’s a lot of paper!

Improve Your Brand Image

In today’s market, sustainability is on everyone’s lips, this means showing the fact that your company chooses to use sustainable materials for promotional and advertising work is help with your brand recognition — people want to buy from a company that they feel is actively trying to help the environment. Even simply adopting recycled paper for printed products can boost the green credentials of a business. This helps attract new customers who represent the buying requirements of today’s modern markets.

Improving your brand image also helps to keep your existing customers, they will see your efforts to do more for the environment and will often see this as a reflection of your company’s good practices in an ever-changing workplace.

Changing The World

This may seem like an obvious one, but the impact that we are having on our planet cannot be underestimated. We as a species release enormous amounts of dangerous gasses and chemicals into the atmosphere every day, and it shows little sign of slowing down.

One way we can help is to improve the way we print, by using the materials and resources previously mentioned we can do our part to decrease the number of pollutants that are released into the world via printing. Not only can we do this to help the environment, but many of these practices also help our business as they help increase efficiency and expenses in the long run.

In summary, it is down to us to make the change and bring about a better future for the generations to come, we in the print industry can help aid this change by utilising sustainable materials, and it is no doubt the way to proceed in the future.

Looking for sustainable printing products? Look no further, we have plenty of sustainable items available to you.

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