Posters are a very versatile way of advertising your business. They can be used in many different environments, both indoor and outdoor. This means that they are extremely popular when it comes to promotional materials.

We offer a wide range of poster papers, finishes and sizes. Get in touch for more information.

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We offer a variety of different finishes


The best finish when you have a combination of text and images, as its not too shiny so your text is still readable.


Great for when you have a lot of images in your artwork to add an extra shine to your design


Our 80gsm recycled paper is the perfect choice for those who are being conscious of their impact on the environment.


Use this when you want to make your leaflet a form or writable. Keep in mind images will be slightly duller on writable paper.

The Sticky Note GSM guide!

We know it’s sometimes difficult to understand the different paper densities (GSM) and what they actually mean in reality.

To help, we’ve simplified this for you by measuring the thickness of each paper in sticky notes!
For each line, add a new sticky note on top and you can feel the thickness of the paper you are ordering for yourself!

Slim GSM Example

135gsm - Slim

It's a little bit thicker than one sticky note, so perfect for promotional leaflets that will be distributed to a large number of people.

Medium GSM Example

170gsm - Medium

Just less than two sticky notes this paper sends a professional message and is great for trade shows and business events to impress potential clients

Standard GSM Example

250gsm - Standard

Right in between the thickness of two and three sticky notes, this paper lets the reader know that the message printed on this paper is of importance!

Thick GSM Example

400gsm - Thick

At the thickness of four sticky notes, this paper thickness is perfect for creating a luxurious premium flyer with a bit more weight and substance.

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