Dallis Jelani

Branding | Digital Design

Dallis Jelani approached us as the release date for his new album fast approached. Dallis needed artwork creating for the main album, as well as for a single that would be released first. The name of the album is ‘The Alpha and the Omega’, and the whole album has a strong focus on Greek alphabet, spiritual meanings and space.
Dallis had a bit of an idea of an art direction that he wanted to go in, focusing on galaxies and bright contrasting colours and graphics. We ended up creating some really eye-catching pieces of work for Dallis, that work perfectly in print and on screens.
We have also created the logo for Dallis’ new label, Camo Entertainment Group. The logo focuses on a simple design, utilising a record logo integrated into the type, and plenty of grain! The logo itself has an interchangable background, allowing use and variation across all mediums.

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